Your coffee is lying to you.
So we made something better.

A fraction of the caffeine.
A longer boost of energy.
No jitters or crash.
Long-term adaptogenic benefits.

Coming this fall.

whAt is Rise?

We created RISE to be better than coffee.

It's the next generation of your morning routine. Each scoop has a fraction of the caffeine and 5 powerhouse adaptogens and nootropics that will get you up and going. You’ll get a longer boost of energy without the jitters or crash.

Plus you’ll get natural benefits like a sharper focus, a better memory, and an increase in mental and physical performance. Because RISE is adaptogenic, the ingredients will continue working long after the last sip.

How do i use Rise?

It’s faster than a coffee maker.

Heat up a cup of water. Add a big scoop of RISE. Then, mix, stir, or froth before adding any milk or sweetener - just like with coffee. Side note: coffee machines remind us of old, dusty computers from the 90s.

whAt does Rise tAste liKe?

Rich, robust, & bold - without the acidity.

RISE is roasted to perfection so it's not too sweet, not too bitter. You'll get notes of tasty cacao with follow-on notes of roasted chicory, a bit of hazelnut, and subtle cinnamon.

Finish with a smooth, balanced aftertaste. It tastes better and it's better for you. A burnt Starbucks latte could never.

No filleRs. No fluff.

Just 9 simple ingRedients...

Roasted chicory

+ Prebiotic

You know how that first cup of coffee can send you running to the bathroom with seconds to spare? That's because coffee's a diuretic & laxative. We never liked that. Instead, our chicory feeds your gut biome with prebiotic nutrients. Aka your #2 will be healthy.

Single-origin cacao

+ Energy & antioxidants

A longer boost of energy comes from cacao: the not-so-secret energizing superfood from South America. Cacao has a more subtle boost of energy with a longer half-life, plus it has more antioxidants per gram than any berry you can think of.


+ Cognition & neuroprotection

Cinnamon brings more to our blend than just subtle flavor. It comes with a laundry list of health benefits. That said, we're a coffee alternative, so we really care about the boost in mental performance it provides (along with long-term brain health). Coffee could never.

Ashwagandha extract

+ Mental & physical performance

Meet one of the world's most famous adaptogens. Ashwagandha is what started it all at RDF so we couldn't leave it out. Its active ingredient, withanolides, has been studied to do it all: from improving your VO2 Max to reducing your cortisol (stress) levels.

Lion's Mane extract

+ Memory & focus

If you're not taking Lion's Mane, you're late to the brain game. This mushroom is the go-to superfood for all things brainpower. We're talking everything from long term memory support, to brain cell repair, to ADHD improvements - just to name a few.

Cordyceps extract

+ Energy & physical performance

Meet the energy mushroom. This isn't going to give you some psychedelic kick. Cordyceps provides a long-lasting boost of energy unlike anything else. Expect it to push you through your next meeting or workout and leave you ready for round two.

Reishi extract

+ Anti-fatigue & immunity

Reishi doesn't tend to get the spotlight, but it should. Behind the scenes, it's huge for anti-fatigue, immunity, and long term health. We added it to make sure you're feeling your best, even after your last sip. And it's way tastier than a bunch of Vitamin C horse pills.

Turmeric + black pepper

+ Neuroprotection & long-term health

You've probably seen its name, but what does it do? Turmeric is here to help you in the long run. It's been tested to protect your brain and body to fight signs of aging for years down the road. Call it our icing on the cake to keep you looking & feeling your best.


+ Alertness without the stress

This is our favorite amino acid of all time. It's been specifically tested with caffeine to reduce jitters while promoting a relaxed state of alertness. That means you'll be able to focus without feeling wired. You'll also feel way less stressed about that one email.

mAde bY us,
two eX-coffee loveRs
(not wellness gurus)

We know you've heard the start of our story before: we spent years loving coffee & drinking it to fuel our performance. We thought we needed it to be at our best, so we dealt with all the side effects.

Eventually, the constant caffeination got to be too much & our doctors told us we had to stop. Turns out drinking a ton of coffee isn't great for you in the long run. At this point, you're expecting we had a wellness epiphany. That's how these founder stories go.

Plot twist, we didn't do a "lifestyle reset." We didn't go on a silent retreat to reconnect with ourselves after our coffee break-up. We didn't quit our jobs, throw away our phones, or walk barefoot into the woods.

That's just not who we are. Instead, we rolled up our sleeves and made something better than coffee. We think you'll love it (no lifestyle change required).