4 Best Gender-Neutral Face Washes for Every Budget

By: Team RDF

We have a strong POV on skincare: It doesn't matter your gender. It doesn't matter if you're coming home from the gym, from a long day at work, or from a night out. You really should be washing your face with something besides water or a bar of soap.

Don't know where to start? Don't worry, we did the work for you. Here are our top 4 face washes for every budget...

The basic staple

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

Ask a derm (we have) and they're likely to recommend Cetaphil. It has no fragrance and no microbeads, both key attributes if you ever struggle with acne, inflammation, or irritation. 

The best part about Cetaphil, besides it being the cheapest face wash on this list, is that it's widely considered one of the best on the market. Sometimes expensive doesn't always mean better. 

Shop here and pick up a big 8oz container for a little more than $5.

The step up

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

Yes, Glossier isn't a traditionally gender-neutral brand. Yes, the label on the back is a light pink. But the ingredients and reviews speak for themselves.

If you can get over the branding, you'll get a great cleanser that packs a little more punch than the average drugstore brand. It's formulated with five skin conditioners and has been highly reviewed for being incredibly effective without dehydrating or irritating the skin.

The "Milky Jelly" part of the name refers to the consistency. Expect something between a watery gel and a cream. Rub it on your face before washing away and see the results for yourself.

Shop here and pick up a 6oz container for $18 (it lasts 2-3 months).

The level up

YTTP Superfood Cleanser

YTTP (Youth To The People) is a relatively new brand that's made waves by incorporating superfoods and adaptogens into their pro-grade vegan skincare products (something we're always a fan of). 

If we're being honest, YTTP's cleanser came onto our radar only because of it's acclaimed reviews by multiple TikTok dermatologists and skincare professionals.

After testing it out ourselves, we can agree that it's the real deal. If you're looking to take your face wash to the next, antioxidant-filled level, then this is the product to go to.

Shop here and pick up 8oz for $36. It's not the cheapest, but if you can afford it, we believe you'll be paying for quality.

The final boss

Biologique Recherche Lait U

For anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time looking into skincare, you'll probably recognize this fabled brand. Founded in 1970's France by a family of skincare experts, BR has come a long way from the passion project of its original biologist founders. 

Biologique Recherche originally operated as a research and development lab, focusing exclusively on formulating products for skincare professionals who were disappointed by the products available at that time.

Today, BR is renowned not only for its efficacy, but because it's the go-to brand for top skincare experts. Many attribute its success to a decades-long commitment to scientific rigor. Others say the products have simply stood the test of time.

One red flag: it comes off as incredibly exclusive, partly because of the price and partly because you can only purchase it through third-party distributors (mainly spas). If you can get past their odd distribution strategy, you can get your hands on one of the most widely acclaimed, scientifically tested cleansers available. 

Shop here and pick up 8.5oz for $43. Yes, it's very expensive. No, we don't recommend it to everyone. But, if we're going to make a list that spans every price range, this is our top end.


One more note...

Regardless of the face wash you go with, the most important part is that you use it. Some say twice a day, some say once, some say only after a sweaty session at the gym. We don't have the answer to the right cadence, but we do agree with the sentiment that regular use is the best (and maybe only) way to keep up a consistently clean and healthy face. 

Face Wash + RDF Pro-grade Skincare

We like to say that a good face wash and our Skin blend is all you need. We took a year to research the top skincare ingredients and added them all to one, convenient powder blend. Just add a scoop into your favorite drink and see the results for yourself.

Shop Skin blend here.

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