Discovery Kit: Blends | Respect des FondsDiscovery Kit: Blends | Respect des Fonds

Discovery Kit: The Blends

Try our 4 signature blends before
choosing a full-sized jar.

Discovery Kit: Singles | Respect des FondsDiscovery Kit: Singles | Respect des Fonds

Discovery Kit: The Singles (w/o Holy Basil)

Try our 4 high-grade single ingredients
before choosing a full-sized jar.

Discovery Kit: Pick 2 | Respect des FondsDiscovery Kit: Pick 2 | Respect des Fonds

Discovery Kit: Pick 2

Pick any 2 sample jars, blends or singles,
before choosing a full-size jar.

Calm intro | Respect des FondsCalm intro | Respect des Fonds

Calm intro

Pro-grade powder blend for:
Managing stress, fatigue, and mood

Focus intro | Respect des FondsFocus intro | Respect des Fonds

Focus intro

Pro-grade powder blend for:
Concentration, clarity, and performance

Sleep intro | Respect des FondsSleep intro | Respect des Fonds

Sleep intro

Pro-grade powder blend for:
Getting a deep, restorative sleep

Skin intro | Respect des FondsSkin intro | Respect des Fonds

Skin intro

Pro-grade powder blend for:
Healthy skin, hair, and nails

Ashwagandha intro | Respect des FondsAshwagandha intro | Respect des Fonds

Ashwagandha intro

Pro-grade powder extract for:
Stress, fatigue, and lack of focus

Holy Basil intro | Respect des FondsHoly Basil intro | Respect des Fonds
Sold out

Holy Basil intro

Pro-grade powder extract for:
Stress relief and an immunity boost

Lion's Mane intro | Respect des FondsLion's Mane intro | Respect des Fonds

Lion's Mane intro

Pro-grade powder extract for:
Improving mental performance and memory

Mucuna intro | Respect des FondsMucuna intro | Respect des Fonds

Mucuna intro

Pro-grade powder extract for:
Managing symptoms of anxiety and improving mood