You should Know upfRont,
this is not A loVe stORY.
- Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber

Act 1:
the meet cute

Ah, the time before we were burnt-out... We grew up as normal non-caffeinated kids because we didn't need any more energy.

Once, in kindergarten, Brendan led a coup where everyone cut their hair to protest the classroom's "Good Deeds Star Chart." The scoring methodology was flawed and the protest worked.

Amanda spent her summer vacations climbing the ranks of RuneScape until one of her virtual boyfriends killed her over a sack of iron ore. A child with a brutal sense of justice, Amanda restarted the game the next day and tracked him down within a week.

peAK wellness

We met on a typical September day in Philadelphia and spent the next few years as college track & field teammates. Sports!

This period is when we got the closest to becoming wellness gurus (although we do NOT endorse wellness gurus). We lived the lives of healthy robots. We ate well, slept well, and exercised twice a day. We were even morning people who didn't mind it. But it wouldn't last...

The woRKplAce RomAnce

After college, into the corporate world we went. Long hours, stressful deadlines, and big meetings meant we needed a new, more realistic daily routine.

This is when we met coffee. It was love at first sight. We started drinking a lot of it. A lot, a lot. In the honeymoon phase, it felt very productive & grown-up. We had butterflies. We were those "not before my morning coffee" people. Cringe, but true.

Then the side effects settled in...
Jitters, crashes, insomnia, you name it. Worst of all, both of us have heart conditions that make it downright dangerous to be drinking that much caffeine.
You'Re pRobAblY thinKing,
"then whY the hell weRe You dRinKing so much coffee?"

Act 2:
the messY bReAKup

Great question.
Our doctors asked us the same thing. More like yelled/asked.

The reality is, we knew it was bad for us, we just didn't think there was another option. We were desperate for something to stay in the zone... but it was clear it couldn't be coffee.

*Cue spiritual awakening* Just kidding.

The breakup was tough. We thought a lot about our ex. What we liked: the taste, the smell, the energy, the routine.

We also thought back on the bad times: the jitters, the ups-and-downs, sprinting to the bathroom.

The more we thought about it, coffee was a bad ex. It convinced us we needed it to be at our best, but that wasn't true. Coffee was a quick fix that ended in a crash. Plus, it hadn't changed in decades. It was like an old computer from the 90's.

"i'Ve been tRYing to cut bAcK on coffee."
- Everyone we talked to

Act 3:
The new beginning

Turns out, we weren't alone. We kept hearing others say they weren't 100% happy with their coffee routines.

So, we began to search for something that:
- Would give us energy for the day
- Wasn't packed with caffeine
- Was packed with long-term benefits
- Tasted great

We couldn't find it anywhere, so we rolled up our sleeves. 100+ iterations, 2 cities, and 3 kitchens later, we created the perfect coffee alternative.

Rise is BoRn

After many, many, MANY tries, we did it!

RISE is everything we wanted in coffee but weren't getting. It tastes amazing. It has a fraction of the caffeine in coffee, so our doctors are finally happy with us. It gives a longer boost of energy with no jitters or crash (yes, really!). Last but not least, it has tons of long-term benefits that we never got from our ex.

We'll always love you coffee, we just found something better.

Enjoy the RISE,
Amanda & Brendan