No pseudoscience. Only published science.

Our scientific philosophy


Formal research comes first

Every ingredient has to be backed by published research to make it into a jar*

Advisors make our products better

We consult a rotating set of registered dietitians and medical doctors

Research never ends

Our "living database" is constantly updated with the latest research


Native sourcing and peak harvesting

The best ingredients come from the places where they naturally grow*

RDF quality standards

Every ingredient has to meet our standards to make it into jar*


Lab tests for everything

Every batch must pass a multi-point lab-test to ensure maximum potency and no harmful materials*

Proper dosage and extraction

We always prioritize quality extracts over margins which means we avoid low dosages and fillers*

No formula is ever finished

We've spent thousands of hours perfecting our blends, but we revise them if new research gives us reason to*

Art and science encounter each other when they seek exactitude.

Etienne-Jules Marey

[Stopping Time: The Photographs of Harold Edgerton; 1987]

Safe, potent ingredients only.*


Each ingredient is tested to ensure that it is 100% pure.

No fillers or false ingredients.*


Next, each ingredient is tested to ensure it is 100% safe.

No heavy metals, pesticides, or chemicals.*


Finally, each ingredient is tested to ensure it is highly potent.

No low dosage ingredients.*

Why is lab testing so important?

Our high-grade adaptogens are best when sourced
from the places where they naturally grow.

We source from farms around the world.
So, we lab test to ensure that every batch
meets the highest quality standard that
we have set for ourselves.*

Art is meant to disturb, science reassures.

Georges Braque

[Le Jour et la nuit: Cahiers; 1917-52]

Clinically-backed ingredients work better.*


We use adaptogens that have sufficient published research.

This way, you only get the best of the best.*


We use adaptogen extracts over whole adaptogens.

This way, you get a more concentrated, effective ingredient.*


We use clinical studies to guide the dosage of each ingredient.

This way, you can trust your daily dose of RDF.*

Why is potency so important?

Adaptogens can be manufactured at various degrees of potency,
or concentration.

Low-potency adaptogens, such as non-extracts, take longer and require more doses to work.

High-potency adaptogens mean more effective and beneficial adaptogens.*

The cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life which is required to be exchanged for it,

immediately or in the long run.

Henry David Thoreau

[Walden; or, Life in the Woods; 1854]